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whoa nelly! enough is enough!

We don't have TV at home, but we have one up north. I know...

My non-negotiable was that if we have a TV up north, there will be some sort of substantial and beautiful piece of furniture that will shut it away, lock and key, when not in use. I'm kidding about the lock and key part, and the beautiful part is subjective, but there are doors that close and boom! no TV. (Side note - we got this hutch for $40 off kijiji, maybe $45 but I really can't remember).

I hoped doors shut would be common practice. But alas, this has not been the case. We found my weakness; HGTV.

HGTV plays constantly in the background. As though we're not getting enough of our own renovations. As though we need the encouragement, nay, the discouragement that HGTV offers...

Let me explain. HGTV HAS RUINED ME.

# 1. Lies. All lies! None of those "staging items" stay. It's theater! It's production. It's a lie! But here we are left thinking that until it's "perfect", until we have that last mini plant terrarium we are incomplete, lacking, and not show ready! Why do we need the mini plant terrarium?!? WHO made that a thing?!? And yet, I want one!! HGTV has ruined me.

# 2. Why aren't our renos done yet? We've been hauling ass for months! Months! It appears as though an entire overhaul, an entire tear down and re-build can happen in mere minutes on TV (ok days/weeks) but even that is UNREALISTIC. My concept of time and reality is shattered. HGTV has ruined me.

# 3. You NEED high end. The hosts of HGTV, let's admit it, are really good at up-selling! This has translated to me believing we need THE BEST OF THE BEST if we even want to think about renting our place! HGTV has ruined me.

# 4. Unrealistic expectations! Refer to first point. I have no sense of reality anymore and a massive fear of sharing until "the final product" is ready *mini plant terrarium included! I have this sick desire for the "big reveal" ...this is nuts... I am a nut job. HGTV has ruined me.

We live in this shiny world of before and after, where what's valued is the perfect "finished product". What about the work?! What about the blood, sweat, and tears that went into the work?

Truth is, we are all a work in progress - powerful, wonderful and valuable! Yes, HGTV has led me to believe no one wants to see the work until I have the perfectly staged finished product to show off, and I sickly want that, but it's not reality.

It's not my reality.

All this translates into crazy consumerism and really high expectations for our homes, and ourselves. It translates to an overwhelming feeling of lack and bewilderment.

We loved our little cabin even before we started renos, but then we started and kind of got hooked. We saw potential, we saw change, we saw something special. That something special was time spent. Time spent together, time spent learning, time spent investing in what we love.

Do I want the HGTV "big reveal"? YES! I want that, and I want a space that is cozy, inviting, and screams HOME, but what I want more is to share "the work", because this is what we can all relate to.

"The work" is life.

"The work" is the everyday, where real connection happens, and where the heart of it all lies.

We are far from complete. I mean, I don't even own a mini plant terrarium yet, but we've come pretty freaking far and we'd like to share the work... our work... our progress... our reality!

Stay tuned for our "progress blogs" and "how to's" -- even tho we're not done, we've had a lot of fun along the way, and this is the reality we'd like to share... not some cookie cutter perfectly coiffed fake life! That's not us.

With Love,

Maddi, Justin, Evelyn, and our dog Lady

PS - I apologize that HGTV took the brunt of this! Pinterest and Instagram are equally to blame!

PPS - Noticeably missing from this assortment of photos shared is a picture from inside looking out to the water. We don't actually have a picture of this view because it's "incomplete" - that's how crazy we are. And when I say incomplete, I mean I hate the peach trim that is currently framing the windows... HGTV has ruined me. I will be taking a picture as soon as I get up there!

More to come soon!

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