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I Need a &*%# Coffee! ...or do I?

Confession: We drink a lot of coffee. We love coffee; the smell, the ritual, the culture... there's just something about it.

We ran out of coffee.

I'd be lying if there wasn't a moment of panic and a walk to Tim Horton's to remedy this situation, but after all that we decided we'd take a break from said coffee.

It's been an interesting ...I'd love to say few weeks, maybe even few months, but we're now entering the territory of "interesting year" or "interesting last few years". There's been a significant amount of change in our lives, which can sometimes feel like an unwelcome guest (even when that change is one we consciously decided to make).

Between the two of us, over the last year we have (in no particular order): moved, graduated, changed careers, opened a private therapy practice, made a child, started an electrical company, started renovations on a home and cottage, partnered in an online company, named hockey champions twice over, become a mother, become a father, and within all these major life changes, as you know, comes a million minute changes. No wonder we like coffee.

Change challenges us and forces us to evolve, or at the very least shift perspective. It's easy to fall into a routine, get comfortable, and sometimes even settle. I often wonder where the balance lies. As a new mother, all I currently know is change. The lack of control can be overwhelming at times. There are moments when I yearn for those constants - something as simple as a cup of coffee.

What I continue to be reminded of, is that life is a balance - an ebb and flow that gently encourages us to evolve, to hold dear some of those constants, but more importantly move with the changing tides. What I know for sure, is the more I resist, the stronger the winds which force me to shift my sails. We are constantly asked to ride the waves so that we may both enjoy our routines and still find the adventure in the every day.

Since being with Justin, he so effortlessly moves from work to play, from city life to Lake House Life, silently reminding me of the balance that is necessary to move with the ebb and flow of life. We now take turns reminding one another of this balance. The biggest gift we can give one another is this reminder - a healthy dose of moderation in all aspects of life. As the old adage goes, "work hard, play hard," in every sense of the phrase. Find your balance of city and nature; find your serious goal oriented self without forgetting your child-like wonder; find the yin to your yang so that you may slow down and savour life itself.

The stimulant called coffee is fraught with irony, and the metaphor is not lost on us... Since I've run out of coffee, a) I realize I spend far too much time thinking about it, b) I question why I'm using a stimulant so that I may take a break, or slow down and savour a moment of stillness, and c) when will I wake up and smell the coffee??? We have been running at full tilt for far too long. Yes, we hike and we play between our jobs, our renovations, and daily tasks, but the scales need to be balanced, and the moderation bit could absolutely use some work!

It's no surprise to me that coffee is our go-to. We have a 5 month old baby, we work long hours, and the list goes on and on, but the simple act of running out of coffee forced me to reflect on what it is that I really want... the smell of something familiar, the ritual of preparing something warm for myself, and the culture of slowing down and taking a break. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a big ol' lover of coffee, but my intentions got all mixed up over the last few years. My "slowing down" was just the addictive refuel to keep me going, when what I truly desire is more sleep (coming soon I hope!), more nature, more nurturing of my body, mind, and soul.

Our Lake House instantly calms my nervous system and reminds me to breathe. It nurtures us; as individuals, as a couple, and as a family, but somewhere along the lines, I forget how powerful it is to take a deep breath and simply be in nature. I hope us running out of coffee sets our sails in the direction of more repose, more rest, and more deep breaths.

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