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Renovations are Well Underway!

We've been super excited to share our cottage renovations, with the target completion date being May1st, 2016 (for this season- we have big plans for after summer season as well).

We've finally reached the point of seeing all our hard work coming together. It's been a long road, and so worthwhile taking on these jobs - learning on the fly and making it work!

Swapping out the old, bringing in the new! We moved the old kitchen from the back of the cottage to the front of the cottage to make it open concept living that works for our family and guests, and most importantly, looks out to the water!

Stage One: dark, small living room (January 2015)

Stage Two: Knocked down a wall to replace with an LVL load bearing beam, started the kitchen, temporarily put old stove and fridge in our new set up, installed lowers and granite counter tops. (October 2015)

Stage Three: New appliances, uppers installed, a little bit of paint... waiting on backsplash!! Who knows... down the road we've talked about painting cupboards white or grey. This is the exciting bit! (March 2016)

Next Steps: Backsplash, paint, window coverings, and a big feast with family and friends to properly break this kitchen in!!!

Making our Lake House open concept living... knocking down walls and painting the place to brighten it up.

Stage One: This was the back of the cottage (furthest point from the water) and this is where the kitchen was located. We flipped it to the front (facing the water) and open to our new living room which is now open to a full wall of windows open to the lake. (January 2015)

Stage Two: Take down those walls!! Let's see that lake!! Enter family who worked tirelessly for 48 hours straight to helps us take out walls and install an LVL load bearing beam that spans the width of the cottage. Temporary walls were installed while we tore down the old walls to put in the beam. (October 2015)

Stage Three: Let there be LIGHT!!! This was our first visit with our newborn, Evelyn Ivy, under two weeks old and we had her up. This was a very special week for us. (November 2015)

Stage Four: What a coat of paint can do... we decided to keep our 30+ year old plywood varnished ceilings. We didn't want to lose ALL the tacky charm ;) Please notice the antlers we inherited with the place. It's getting there! We're very excited to start making this place feel like a home; cozy and rustic, varnished ceilings and all!! (March 2016)

This project has been a labour of love and one that has truly made us a family. We're thrilled to have reached a point where we now get to pick paint colours, tiles for our backsplash, decor and more.

Take a look at our progress so far...



Getting There...

Can't wait to get rid of the peach trim :|

Check back soon for some more "after shots"

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