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The Lake House Life! This is us...

lake house, work boots, baby slippers, nature

Hi, and welcome!

Our little family loves living The Lake House Life and we wanted a way to share our love of the outdoors, our latest adventures, and help inspire families to reconnect with wilderness! We've been busy with renovations, fishing, boating, hiking, and welcoming a little one over the last few months and we're thrilled to finally start sharing.

Join The Lake House Life and reconnect with your sense of adventure and the great outdoors!

Our littlest member; Miss Evelyn Ivy

She weighed in at a mighty 6lbs 12oz, loves the sounds of nature, buffalo plaid, and splish-splashing in the water.

Our chief member; Mr. Justin Siek (pronounced SHECK)

Stands at a solid 6'4", lover of dogs, bigger lover of fishing, biggest lover of sharing outdoor adventures with his family.

Our furriest member; Miss Ladybug

Given name is Lady, nicknames include: Ladybug/Bugger/Bug. She loves treats - everything else is secondary. Treats come first!

And last but not least; me.

My name is Madeleine, some call me Mads, some Maddi, and the one I can hardly wait for.... Mama (but we'll still be waiting a few months for that one). I love my family, Mother Nature, and Apple Fritter donuts (haven't been able to turn one down since pregnancy!)

More than anything, we all love The Lake House Life and it's truly what's made us a family. We're so excited to share our adventures, renovations, and ongoing wanderlust! We hope to inspire families to reconnect with wilderness and the wild side of life.

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